Affordable worry-free rent to own programs are now available from Bridlewood Air

Rental Plans

Renting a furnace or an air conditioning system in the Greater Toronto Area is becoming more popular as the HVAC Rental market has gradually and steadily been growing. However, the reality is that previous to the introduction of our Low-Monthly HVAC Rental Plan, not only we were not at all a fan of the HVAC rental market, we actually never recommended renting. Why you ask? One simple reason! HVAC rental rates were and are often still very high… With most rental plans at $69.99 per month, consumer would end up paying up to quadruple the market value of the installed (usually a low-end brand and model) unit. When it comes to renting, most rental programs have been offering the most basic furnace and air conditioner model for rent. In short, there was only one clear winner in the aformentioned rental programs and it definitely was not the consumer!


Key Advantages of Renting

In particular, furnace rental programs usually have:

  • No upfront costs, including free installation and no down payments
  • Peace of mind. Predictable cost, making it easier for budgeting. Don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses and repairs.
  • Most also include a protection plan to cover any cost of repairs or unit replacement.
  • Unlimited service calls, and many offer 24-7/365 service.
  • Some may also not require credit checks, which is a bonus for people who may be having difficulty securing traditional loans or financing. So this may be a good option if you have bad credit or a recent bankruptcy, or no credit history.
  • Relatively quick and easy process.
  • Save money on heating bills. By making it easy for anyone to replace and upgrade their furnace to a newer high-efficiency model, you can start saving money on your energy bills (sometimes hundreds of dollars annually) potentially offsetting most of the cost of the rental.

Disadvantages Of Renting

  • Higher overall cost. Like anything else, it’s always cheaper if you pay upfront in full vs. spreading payments out over several years. However this doesn’t account for the cost of repairs or replacing your unit if it ever breaks down, which you don’t have to worry about with renting.
  • Less choice. Most rental companies only offer a few major furnace brands, so if you have your heart set on a less popular brand, it may not be an option.
  • Somewhat less flexibility. Although most rental agreements can be transferred if you ever sell your home, it does add an extra step as opposed to just owning your furnace outright.