Bridlewood Air has been installing fireplaces throughout Toronto and the rest of the GTA for over 30 years. Our fireplace technicians take pride in providing fireplace services that you can count on. There are an unlimited number of designs, styles and models to choose from to suit your home decor and atmosphere. If you’ve got the space, we can help you install your dream fireplace. Ideally, it makes sense to purchase one that suits the size of your room in terms of btus, but overall the aesthetic of the fireplace and the room will trump the proper sizing. That’s why there are numerous settings on any fireplace, to ensure that you can project a lot of heat or just a small amount to heat your space. Proper installation goes a long way in terms of running new gas lines and effectively and safely connecting them to your new fireplace. Luckily, you can count on Bridlewood Air’s fireplace services to get the job done right, and safely.


Fireplace Maintenance & Tune Ups

It might not seem like cleaning and maintaining a gas fireplace is necessary, but the opposite is actually true. While natural gas does burn fairly clean, it’s still important to regularly check the connections on your gas fireplace and to evaluate the entire unit for safety and cleanliness. Our fireplace services, specifically our fireplace maintenance services are designed to check every aspect of your fireplace from the new gas line right through to the blower.

There are lots of parts that can malfunction and break that might not cause a safety hazard, but they can lead to your gas fireplace not working properly. An annual fireplace maintenance appointment with Bridlewood Air is the best way to ensure that your gas fireplace is working properly and safely.

Fireplace Repair Services

Generally, when you call Bridlewood Air for fireplace repair services it’s because your fireplace has completely stopped working, you smell gas, it’s making a strange noise or the flames are much larger than they should be. In any scenario you need it fixed as soon as possible. Rest assured that Bridlewood Air is on the job and here to help.

Whether you need our fireplace services right away or you just need to schedule a fireplace repair appointment, our experienced and knowledgeable fireplace technicians can work on any make or model on the market. At Bridlewood Air we only hire experienced and professional HVAC technicians who also share the same high standards of customer service and quality as we do.

If you require emergency fireplace services you can count on a Bridlewood Air technician to be at your door within 4 hours of your call, day or night. If you smell gas it’s also a good idea to call your gas provider to shut off the gas to your home. Our 24/7 emergency fireplace repair services cover Toronto, York Region, and the entire GTA so no matter where you are Bridlewood Air will be there to help.