Efficient, two-in-one systems

Heat pumps are a very good choice if you want an all-rounded solution for both, heating and cooling, your home or office. Heat pumps have the ability to move heat energy from one environment to another, and in either direction. This allows the heat pump to bring heat into an occupied space, and take it out. The key component that makes a heat pump different from an air conditioner, is the reversing valve. The reversing valve allows for the flow direction of the refrigerant to be changed. Space is the greatest savings, among with the convenience of maintenance bills, since the unit provides both heating and cooling. We carry what we think are the best choices of heat pumps in the market. If you are unsure a heat-pump is right for you, or which heat-pump you need, you can contact us to help you in your choice.

Toronto Heat Pumps & Packaged HVAC Systems

Toronto Heat Pumps & Packaged HVAC Systems

Homeowners often think of your typical air conditioner and furnace when discussing their home’s central heating and cooling system. But each home is different, and Bridlewood Air in Toronto has an assortment of heating and cooling solutions that may better fit your needs. Heat Pumps, Mini-split and Packaged HVAC Systems put together the role of heating and cooling air into one energy-efficient product.

While it could be overwhelming to try and decide what will work best for your family, a professional Residential Sales Consultant can help you factor in your home heating and cooling needs and provide the steps you can take to be more efficient to save money. We know that budget is also a big part of making decisions, which is why we offer a broad selection of Heat Pump, Packaged Systems as well as traditional heating and cooling products, plus flexible financing options for every product we offer.

Toronto Heat Pump Repair

Ideally, we wouldn’t have to provide a heat pump repair service in Toronto. However, like any mechanical system that you operate almost every day, there’s a good chance that you’ll come across a need for heat pump repairs or packaged system repairs.

Which is exactly why Bridlewood Air employs top professionals in the Toronto area. Our NATE-certified HVAC service technicians have the experience, knowledge and resources to work on any brand of heat pump or packaged HVAC system and get it right, the first time. Our team is fully licensed and insured in heating and AC repair and maintenance for ALL brands of heating and cooling equipment.

We stand by our service and installation offering 100% guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, neither are we.

If you have additional questions about our heat pump repair in Toronto, give Mersey a call at 1800-263-1709 or schedule an appointment online. And while it’s unfortunate, if something happens to your heating or cooling system during the night, the good news is that we’re here for you. Live help and emergency heating repair services are available 24/7/365. So give us a call any day, any time.