Because love is in the Air!

Air Cleaners

Because fresh air, is not only about temperature. Air cleaners and purifiers have a drastic effect in the air quality of your home. In order to keep your house both warm during winter, and cold during summer, sealants make your house air-tight. But at the same time, this poses a problem, which is the air inside your house, is now stale, and generating all kind of dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and even viruses. The best way to get rid of them, is by filtering the air your family breaths. We offer top-notch, exclusive air cleaners and purifiers, so your and your family can breath clear, healthy air. You can drastically reduce this build-up by installing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) System. Bridlewood Air provides a wide choice of solutions to clean and purify your air to the quality level you require. Werecognizes the importance of clean air being essential to good health and system efficiency.


Forget about having a soar throat, ever again. Air humidity is a big part of keeping your family’s home health. When air is put through air conditioners and furnaces, it gets dry, causing soar throats and making wood more susceptible to breaking.


Save energy while improving indoor air quality. Energy Recovery Ventilators, or ERVs, are energy recovery ventilation systems, that save energy while refreshing stale indoor air. Heat Recovery Ventilators, also known as HRVs, are energy recovery ventilation systems, that usually employ a counter-flow heat exchanger between inbound and outbound air flow. Heat Recovery Ventilators provide fresh air and improved climate control, while saving energy by reducing the heating (or cooling) requirements.